Specialty Gear:


Jon holds an FAA issued Private Pilot’’s license with a sUAV (drone) endorsement, so he if fully licensed to operate a drone for commercial purposes. CCPI also carries drone insurance.

Innovision Probe Lens:

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Portable Green Screen:

With 2 C-stands: call for quote

Schwem Gyrozoom:

This is a standard definition (4x3 format) 300mm to 600mm gyroscopically stabilized lens for shooting from a moving platform such as a car, boat or aircraft. Call for a quote.

Jimmy Jib Extreme Boom Arm:

Portable boom, extendable from 6’ to 30 feet in 6 foot increments. Jon was a jib operator and owner for 23 years until he recently sold his jib to another operator in the Twin Cities market. He still operates on occasion and has access to the jib.

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