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If you are a carpenter, and the only tool you have in your tool bag is a hammer, every job looks like nails are the only solution for the construction project.

Media production is the same way. There is often more than one way to tell a story and more than one tool required to tell it in the most creative and effective manner. That’s why Cine-Cermin Productions, Inc. is not a one-tool company. Besides having two full size, full raster HD cameras with broadcast quality HD zoom lenses, we also have a gyroscopically stabilized Osmo camera system as well as a drone equipped with an HD camera. All of CCPI’s cameras are broadcast quality and can shoot in a variety of full-raster high definition or regular standard definition modes.

DP Jon Cermin is also a micro-jib owner and is a former Stanton Jimmy Jib owner/operator and he has access to a Jimmy Jib for those jobs that require that tool. Jon is also experienced with aerial work with Tyler helicopter mounts and he owns a Schwem Gyro-Zoom, a gyroscopically stabilized zoom lens used for air-to-air or air-to-ground work. He also is experienced with aircraft and car mounts, dollies and boom arms as well as blue and green screen work. Check out his demo reel page for samples of these shooting skill sets.


In the old days, most media production companies worked off of a rate card, and often times these rates were listed on the website, too. Because clients, locations and events differ, we now bid out by the project. This allows us to be more competitive in different markets.

We can match just about any production company or freelance shooter’s rates for any kind of video production. Keep in mind CCPI owns all of its own equipment and this helps us to be more competitive. Jon also brings over 28 years of production experience to the table (including a Master’s degree in Radio/TV/Film), so there are some things he is able to do more quickly and efficiently than other less experienced companies or shooters. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a bid for your next project, no matter how large or small!


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